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Brand Story

In 1996, China’s first permanent makeup brand Goochie was founded by Mr. ZhaoGuomin. His original intention is to bring China’s original products to the world. Mr. Zhao Guomin said the aim of GOOCHIE is always follow your heart, positive and optimistic and bring the most sincere, safe and professional services to every user worldwide. Then MASTOR, PM brand was born one after another.

According to different countries, different people, to meet the needs of different customers. 24 years we always keep the original intention, traveled to 64 countries, more than 300 brand agents around the world, from the factory source, product development and design, manufacturing production, brand education, international warehousing to the global agents after-sales service system.

About Goochie

GOOCHIE permanent makeup is spread over 7 continents, 64 countries, more than 150 professional agents around the world. 60 colors are developed according to the global market demand. 27 machine patent inventions meet the needs of any country and any skin color around the world.