The GOOCHIE brand was created in 1996, creating a precedent for the first original brand China’s permanent made industry.
The founder of the brand, Mr. Zhao Guomin, emphasized, the meaning of of the brand, when he found, Goochie: Do n’t forget the original, idea, start from from beginning!

At the time, permanent makeup industry was still a popular populace industry. The quality of of industries practitioners and industry standards were lower Even when the the development of the prosperity of the development of the state of the country of the industry and hoped to create China China’s first original or pmu brand.Let industry practitioners know the real safety safety and standards help to the industry dust lowerbecome more formal and professional.

The customer’s pursuit of Goochie is the driving force for the brand measure to the world. The Opinion of Goochie is the space for brand development and improvement. From From the source details to the global service channel, the service system, custom to the service after-sales system serves the global customers wholeheartedly.

GOOCHIE brand has three series of 57 colors, 27 patented products, to meet the needs of the any skins of color and the race in the country of the world.


To guarantee PMU pigment’s quality and color richness is quite a challenging job as well as to meet the needs of the market and the standards of the industry.

Our latest mission–based on the original products, Goochie spent 5 months and successfully developed a brand-new series of products that is both greatly color-fixed and redness-free.

Pure plant essence

Easy to coloring

Infiltrated with Microparticle

Color stay more