News of permanent makeup

The 5th Worldwide PMU Festival in Japan Perfect Ending

After 3 months of preparation and global recruitment, 1,100 PMU artists from the 5th Worldwide PMU Festival gathered in Japan to hold a feast of tattoo techniques for the global permanent makeup artists, which ended perfectly. The 5th Worldwide PMU Festival is a pmu professional aesthetics and visual feast, which shocks the whole world and amazes all Japanese friends. The 5th worldwide PMU Festival will surely leave the most beautiful memory in Japan.

This is an permanent makeup technology conference that cannot be described in words. Permanent makeup artists from 39 countries and regions gather in Osaka, Japan. Everyone gets to know each other, share techniques, business, brand forums, technical competitions, party awards, etc. From China’s original PMU Festival, the so-called art: permanent makeup technology aesthetic art, PMU conference fashion high-standard art, stage lighting art, artist performance art, a comprehensive art display, in short, provide a stage for tattoo PMU artists to display their masterpiece!

Thanks to the permanent makeup artists and all participants who participated in the 5th Worldwide PMU Festival in Japan, see you in Milan in 2024.