M8-4 Digtal Rotary PMU Machine


M8-4 Digtal Rotary PMU Machine

Designed upon ergonomic principles, extended body with even weight that can be comfortably grabbed.
High precision, strength and needle speed.
Adjustable insertion depth, adjustable frequency.
Medical EO – Sterilization needle:R1,R3,R5,F5
High density polished touch control panel system,hygienic, easy-care surface.
3.5inches digital monitor. Portable and size.
Ports for two permanent makeup pens.
Equipped with foot pedal.

Packaging Display

1. M8-4 intelligent touch control system

2. M8-4 disposable cartridge hand-piece

3. Power adapter

4. Foot pedal

5. M8 cartridge needle(individual sterile package)