Goochie Latest Micro-Pigment(For Eyebrow)

  • New package
  • 8 new colors for eyebrow
  • Greatly color-fixed and redness-free
  • Material: Pure plant essence
  • Capacity: 10ml

Goochie Latest Micro-Pigment(For Eyebrow)

Eight new classic colors, nano organic active ingredients, strong adhesion of small molecules, high concentration, strong color-locking constituent, color and luster are of preciseness and smartness. Suitable for different regions, different skin colors, different needs of people globally. Perfect for either using individually or doing a mix.


Color Chart


G501 Golden Wheat G502 Dark Blonde G503 Sandalwood

Features: Suitable for younger people with flawless, fair skin and thin, light hair.

Also can be used as a mix to do shading brows.


G504 Natural Sienna G505 Deep Gray G506 Misty Gray G507 Dark Chestnut

Features: Suitable for customers with browner/darker skin and darker hair color, people with a more mature aura.

Also perfect for doing shading brows.


G508 Ebony

Features: Suitable for customers with darker skin , thicker and darker hair color, who like their brows a bit more greyer.

Also perfect for doing men’s brows as a mix.