Permanent Makeup Lip Pigment/Ink Set


Eyebrow/Lip Pigment kit
1.Professinal for digital permanent makeup machine use.
2.Natural-looking and rich colors.
3.Pure plant essence,raw material from USA.
4.High quality tattoo ink,will never change another color.
5.All inks are sterilized, ensuring the highest quality standard, more safe and healthy.
6. Permanent Makeup Pigment FDA and DermaTest Approval
7.Easy-coloring, able lasting effect for 2 to 3 years.
8. Medical grade eyebrow , lip,areola, scalp micropigment pigment set.

Eyebrow pigment kit:6 eyebrow pigments,1 box cartridge needle,1 sooth cream
Lip pigment kit:6 lip pigments,1 box cartridge needle,1 lip sooth mask

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